Waste, recycling
and forestry equipment hire

CRJ Services is committed to helping the UK and Ireland recycle. We supply waste management and forestry companies, as well as local authorities with top-quality machinery, hire solutions.

CRJ Services offers the hire of a comprehensive range of waste and material processing equipment, which assists our customers in the pursuit of a truly circular economy. Our hire fleet of over 100 machines can help you shred, screen, sort and wash your waste streams. This enables efficient extraction of value and the production of clean, in-spec products, which in many cases would otherwise be sent to landfill.

The CRJ Hire fleet comprises slow-speed waste shredders, high-speed shredders, trommels screeners, deck screeners, picking stations, eddy current separators, density separators and water baths. All of our machines are available on short- and long-term hire throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland. You can browse our range of equipment below.

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