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HAAS Tyron 2000XL 2.0


Household Waste



Biffa has over 100 years’ experience in handling waste and recycling materials, and has built up a reputation for excellence in the waste management sector. Biffa operates a network of depots throughout the UK, allowing it to offer services to over 95% of UK postcodes. 

Alongside its material recycling facilities, Biffa also operates a number of ‘transfer stations’ which act as temporary storage for municipal solid waste on its journey to larger waste processing facilities. 


To reduce onward transport costs and increase efficiencies, Biffa shred down their waste at the transfer stations to a sub 300mm product. This increases the ease of transport, but also prepares the waste product for further processing at the materials recycling facilities. 

At their Tipton transfer station in Birmingham, Biffa receives and shreds over 1,500 tonnes of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) per week. They required a versatile slow-speed shredder capable of dealing with the variety of waste materials received by the transfer station. The shredder needs to be able to shred at 30tph consistently for 50 hours a week in order to meet their tonnage requirements. Therefore, uptime of the machine and the backup support are paramount to ensure their targets are met. 


Having dealt with CRJ Services for over 20 years, Brian Green – Operations Support Manager at Biffa Tipton, approached CRJ for a shredder hire solution. The HAAS TYRON was proposed by CRJ as the perfect machine for the job. The TYRON is a mobile twin-shaft slow-speed shredder, renowned in the waste management sector for its powerful performance, versatility, reliability, and ease of maintenance. 

The backup support offered by CRJ was also a key factor in the decision to hire the HAAS TYRON. CRJ operate an industry leading backup service, delivered by their team of mobile engineers who are strategically placed around the UK and Ireland. This ensures CRJ can react fast to customers needs in the unlikely event of a breakdown. 

CRJ also runs the ‘swing program’ which is a unique service offered by CRJ that sees long term shredder hires replaced with an identical machine at intervals throughout the hire, so that the first machine can be taken away to be serviced and hard-faced. This service means operators experience limited disruption and downtime, whilst ensuring the shredder is performing at its optimum for the duration of the hire. 

The TYRON was delivered to site, and handover training was provided to the Biffa team on both the safe operation and daily maintenance checks of the shredder. Following a successful period of hire, CRJ visited the Tipton site to capture some footage of the shredder in action, and to ensure Brian and his team were happy with its performance. 

“We have dealt with CRJ for over 20 years. The machines hired from CRJ have been dependant on market trends over the years, and they have always supplied us with the right equipment to meet our requirements.”

Brian Green
Operations Support Manager at Biffa Tipton

When asked about the performance of the HAAS TYRON and service received from CRJ, Brian stated that “it was the reliability of the shredder that stood out, as well as the communication and back-up service delivered by CRJ which have been excellent.”

We have dealt with CRJ for over 20 years. The machines hired from CRJ have been dependant on market trends over the years, and they have always supplied us with the right equipment to meet our requirements.

Brian Green, Operations Support Manager

Biffa Tipton

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